‘yourChesham’ May 2023

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Chesham – Green Before Brown Planning for building new houses in Chesham has made no progress since 2014. Planning Inspectors are aware of the lack of five-year supply. Buckinghamshire Council has not released any brownfield sites. Building on the Green Belt is inevitable. The needs of the Chesham community have been discussed at length – …    Read More

‘yourChesham’ April 2023

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The Chesham Masterplan, published in 2018, was prepared by Allies and Morrison, (a leading London based urban architect). I think the executive summary had the most telling commentary on the town. It was that: The alternative (to the masterplan) is to have isolated and remote hilltop settlements surrounding the decaying original core of the town. …    Read More

‘yourChesham’ January/February 2023

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Congratulations to Jed and Mick for the stewardship of yourChesham over a considerable number of years and well done for handing this very important community asset, over to Cliff and Mick to future proof it for many editions to come. Chesham Masterplan – where have we got to? As a Director of Chesham Renaissance Community …    Read More

‘yourChesham’ March 2022

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The article from Andrew Ketteringham in last month’s edition certainly generated much interest and responses on our website and social media and that is what we wanted. The ‘we’ is Chesham Renaissance Community Interest Company – a small group of local people who recognise that the regeneration of Chesham and particularly the High Street is …    Read More

Widespread Support for Chesham Masterplan

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The news, just before Christmas, that Government is now reviewing its approach to determining housing numbers, moving the focus away from rural areas in the south east towards urban areas and brownfield sites, gave some the impression that the heat was now off the Chilterns, insofar as new build was concerned.  That’s not quite the …    Read More

yourChesham August 2020

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A new beginning? By Andrew Ketteringham In recent weeks an interesting collision of events and circumstances has brought about a remarkable opportunity to invigorate Chesham and the surrounding area and it could be the best opportunity yet for Chesham to meet the economic, housing and social prospects for the town and adjoining villages. Discussions, initially …    Read More