Objectives of Chesham Renaissance

Chesham Renaissance Community Interest Company’s (‘Chesham Renaissance’) primary objective is to carry on activities which benefit the community by delivering an integrated programme of residential and commercial development, which will balance:

  1. higher density of sustainable residential accommodation in an attractive gateway to the Chilterns;
  2. the needs of residents and businesses, the supporting infrastructure and the development of successful commercial, retail and leisure sectors required to sustain increased number of residents and visitors;
  3. the requirement for substantial inward investment of capital and revenue to improve the physical living and working environment;
  4. maintenance of Chesham’s character and heritage and the enhanced provision of amenities and public realm within the town; and
  5. maintenance of its close physical links with the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and land designated as Green Belt.
  6. Chesham Renaissance seeks to achieve the above initially by commissioning the development of a masterplan, by encouraging broad support for its objects and vision, by forming meaningful relationships with public and private stakeholders, and securing private and public-sector investment.

    Subsequently it will play a leading role in monitoring the long-term implementation of the masterplan, the supply arrangements for the programme of works, and if necessary procuring and overseeing supply contracts for the individual projects within the programme.

    At all times, the Chesham Renaissance and its Directors will ensure the application of the asset lock principle, which is designed to ensure that the assets, including any profits or other surpluses generated by its activities, are used for the benefit of the community.

    More Information

    An introduction to Chesham Renaissance Community Interest Company and its work (PDF download)