The directors of Chesham Renaissance (the company which produced the Chesham Masterplan) have welcomed the decision of Chiltern District Council to extend the consultation period for the Emerging Local Plan.

One of the company’s directors, Andrew Ketteringham, told the Bucks Free Press that he had heard rumours that flaws in the process might have endangered the consultation.  “I’m sure CDC will tell us if the rumours were untrue and whether there was any danger to the consultation process but whatever happened, the fact is we all now have more time to make our views known.  The new deadline is 23rd August.”

Mr Ketteringham went on to say that it was a shame CDC have not made a greater effort to let residents know what the Plan is or how to get involved in the consultation.  As a director of Chesham Renaissance, which produced the Chesham Masterplan, he thought it very important to let people know what the Plan said and how we might all have our say.

The local organisation Brown Not Green has an excellent website which will guides people through the consultation process;  It’s suggested by the Council that we complete a form but it is just as good, and may be easier, to send a letter to Chiltern District Council.  Information can also be found on the CDC site, “But let me emphasise,” said Mr Ketteringham, “that an on-line response is not essential. A form or letter by post or hand delivered is fine.”

Mr Ketteringham said that there were a number of reasons why people might wish to point out the deficiencies of the plan and one of them relates to it being ‘justified’.  “The plan should be the most appropriate strategy, when considered against reasonable alternatives.  Neither I nor the other directors of Chesham Renaissance are aware that the Chesham Masterplan was considered as a reasonable alternative.  That’s a shame, particularly as CDC must have been aware of the consultation we carried out, in which 70% of respondents supported the overall direction of the Masterplan,” he said.

Andrew Ketteringham

07815 970137 and 01494 775020                6th August 2019